A campaign for Internetstiftelsen (Swedish Internet Foundation) in collaboration with Facebook Sweden, aiming to reduce the ever-increasing online polarization.

In his paper “The Dying Art Of Disagreement”, US journalist Bret Stephens talks about how we in recent years have stopped talking to people with opposing views. Instead we block out, scroll by, remove friends or shout back.

In this way, internet, and social media in particular, has become a place for monologues. To transform these monologues into dialogues and get people to start talking again, with each other, we needed to create a tool easy enough for everyone to use, and at the same time powerful enough to disarm the most preconceived sentences and infected subjects. So, in a time when everyone screams and no one is listening, we chose to re-launch the humble question: why?

We produced 72 mobile first Facebook and Instagram ads designed to catch people’s attention instantly (average attention span 1,7 seconds) and get the message across. Together with print ads in Sweden’s biggest newspapers, an AR filter for Facebook camera studio and online films, we reached 4 million Swedes, 54% of which watched more than 3 seconds, and the ad recall was 26% over Facebook average.